Columbia Tribune - Mayor Treece says criticism from local Chamber of Commerce unwarranted on Henderson Branch and electric line projects.

Performance Audit Still Being Debated By Council

Columbia Missourian - Council members debate cost vs. benefit on issue of performance audit for city departments.

Police Association Critical Of City On Pay Issues

Columbia Tribune - CPOA representative says pay plan for cops is unfair.

Chamber Challenges Council On Unfinished Projects

Columbia Tribune - A representative of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce tells council it has ignored voters by not completing important projects.

Low Income Tax Credits Not Coming Back This Year

Columbia Missourian - Tax credits that support low income housing developments were cut this past year, and new Governor Mike Parson they won't be coming back this year.

New Islamic School Gets Nod From P&Z

CityWatch - A new Islamic School could be built in downtown Columbia if the City Council gives final approval.

Council Leery Of Performance Audit Cost

Columbia Tribune - Council members express reservations about high cost of a suggested performance audit of city finances and departments.

Realtors Lend Support To Water Bond Issue

Columbia Missourian - The Columbia Board of Realtors lends support to needed water infrastructure bond issue.

$42 Million Water Bond Issue To Appear On August Ballot

CityWatch - Read testimony relating to the city council decision to place a new bond issue for water on the August 2018 ballot.

City Watch: Columbia, Missouri