Audit required to restore confidence in city governance. See Reports section of Council Recap.

West Central Columbia Neighbors Discuss Downzoning

Columbia Missourian - 35 residents discuss why they are asking the city to voluntarily downzone their properties.

Area State Legislators Share Views On Current Issues

Columbia Missourian - Four state representatives from the Columbia area participated in a League of Women Voters Discussion on Thursday evening.

Columbia Housing Costs 11.2% Higher Than Other Missouri Towns

Columbia Tribune - A new study shows Columbia residents take home more pay than some other communities, but pay more more than 10% more for housing.

Citizen Survey Results Now Available From City

City of Columbia - Survey results have now been published regarding citizen views on various city issues.

MU Will Reopen Six Shuttered Dorms

Columbia Tribune - Six dorms closed due to low enrollment will reopen this fall.

Columbia Missourian Posts Review Of Current Construction Trends

Columbia Missourian - This report examines trends in student housing and commercial building in Columbia.

Chamber Exec Discusses Local Issues

Columbia Tribune - Chamber President Matt McCormick discusses local economy and legislative issues.

MacLellan Provides Overview Of Columbia Real Estate Market

Columbia Tribune - Former Landmark Bank Executive looks back at the 2017 real estate market.

City Watch: Columbia, Missouri