Columbia Tribune - Trapp asks to reconsider Midway project while others question projected revenues.

New Governor Mike Parson Says Road Tax Needed

Columbia Missourian - New Gov. Mike Parson says tax hike should be approved by voters in November.

Low Income Tax Credits Not Coming Back This Year

Columbia Missourian - Tax credits that support low income housing developments were cut this past year, and new Governor Mike Parson they won't be coming back this year.

Why Residential Building Costs Are Increasing

Columbia Business Times - Read what factors influence the cost of new residential construction in Columbia.

City Lays Out New Capital Improvement Project (CIP) List

Columbia Missourian - New major projects are being discussed by P&Z and City Council.

Midway USA Being Recruited By Other States

Columbia Missourian - After city denies sewer project to serve Midway area, talk surfaces about recruitment of this major employer to other states.

Parking Continues To Be Issue Downtown

KOMU TV - DLC issues letter to City Council regarding downtown parking.

Downtown Parking Still A Hot Issue

Columbia Missourian - New apps, new gates and residential parking programs have failed to fix the constant demand for parking in the downtown area.

Mizzou Will Cut Budget By $45 Million This Year

Columbia Missourian - With fewer students and an unsure state funding stream, MU plans millions in budget cuts.

City Watch: Columbia, Missouri