CityWatch - Pay raises for all city employees; new south fire station; bus service cut.

Columbia Growth Slowed 2016 - 2017

Columbia Missourian - Columbia is still growing, but at a slower rate than in the past ten years.

Bike Boulevard Paint Causes Confusion

Columbia Missourian - The picture tells the story. New striping on an Edgewood bike lane causes confusion for drivers.

City Lays Out New Capital Improvement Project (CIP) List

Columbia Missourian - New major projects are being discussed by P&Z and City Council.

Landmark Hospital Considering $27 Million Expansion At Discovery Ridge

Columbia Missourian - Local hospital will ask for P&Z approval to expand in south Columbia.

Business Loop Wins Grant

Columbia Missourian - The Business Loop CID has won a grant to help improve the business mix in this area.

Mayor And City Manager At Odds

Columbia Tribune- Recent reports indicate that there is growing tension between Columbia's Mayor and City Manager.

Low Income Tax Credits Not Coming Back This Year

Columbia Missourian - Tax credits that support low income housing developments were cut this past year, and new Governor Mike Parson they won't be coming back this year.

Potterfield Hints At Run For Columbia Mayor

Columbia Missourian - Local business leader Larry Potterfield has indicated that he is disappointed with current city leadership and that the recent decision to kill a sewer project in the Midway area is "the straw that broke the camel's back".

City Watch: Columbia, Missouri