KOMU TV - Special Council worksession explores possibilities.

Trapp Defeats Love By 300 Votes In Columbia's 2nd Ward Council Race

Columbia Tribune - Despite Paul Love's negative campaign against the incumbent, Michael Trapp wins re-election to the 2nd Ward City Council seat.

Council Downzones 38 Properties In Central Columbia

Columbia Missourian - The largest mass downzoning request in Columbia history was approved by the City Council.

P&Z Gives Approval To New Northside Police Station Land Use

CityWatch - The City followed its own rules and asked for permission to build a new police station on International Drive in north Columbia. Funding for the facility has already been approved. Read a recap of the entire meeting here.

April 3, 2018 Election Results Available Now

Boone County Clerk - Get official election results for all city and county elections here.

Trails, Sidewalks And Intersection Improvements In Store

Columbia Missourian - More projects to improve streets, trails and pedestrian walkways in store.

Columbia Holding Hearings On Air BnB Rentals

Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau - New debate over short term rentals. Follow this link to get more information.

Fair Housing And Lending Seminar Looks At History And Future

Columbia Missourian - The annual Fair Housing Fair kicked off with a look at past practices and suggestions for future directions.

City Watch: Columbia, Missouri