Columbia Tribune - City Manager Mike Matthes resigns amid controversy over police department.

Downtown CID Issues 5-Year Plan For District

KOMU TV - The Downtown CID hopes to improve image, cleanliness, safety and look of downtown.

Report Says City Needs 60 More Cops

Columbia Tribune - A report on community policing indicates that the police department is short of both cops and money to implement the new program.

Life Without Matthes: City Manager Search Begins

Columbia Tribune: With the resignation of City Manager Mike Matthes, the search for new leadership begins.

New Restaurants Include Ice Cream,Fusion Sushi and Los Marg Downtown

Columbia Missourian - New restaurants include eclectic ice cream and sushi options, and Los Margaritas taking the place of the old Los Banditos downtown.

Led By Veterans United, Private Business Boosts Columbia Economy

Columbia Tribune - University researchers have found that private firms account for new growth in Columbia economy. Rate is faster than state and nation as a whole.

Hulshof For Treasurer? Ask Renee

Columbia Tribune - Gov. Parson has asked local Republican Renee Hulshof if she would be interested in the recently vacated State Treasurer's post.

City Condemnation Lawsuit Challenged In Court

Columbia Missourian - Trail opponents challenge city's ability to condemn property for new trail in East Columbia.

City Watch: Columbia, Missouri