Excerpt From CityWatch Council Recap – July 18

REP60-16 Public Hearing Date for the Unified Development Ordinance.

Recommended Action: [Memo]

(Discussion: Staff indicated that P&Z believed this schedule was too aggressive. Mayor indicated that he wanted to convey a sense of urgency. Indicated that he wanted everything to get done before the administrative delay expired. Mayor indicated that he would be happy to extend the administrative delay, and that he also expected something from the Historic Preservation Commission to be considered in the new code. Skala then added that he believed there should be some additional time and that the council should not tread too far into next year or the next election. Hopes that it could be accomplished by the first of the year. Nauser indicated that we need to afford the commission the time they need and that if there is not buy in, it will be difficult to sell. Supports doing quality work rather than fast work. Believes that extension of time is fair. Peters wants to grant additional time. Asked if council is only going to only have one hearing or not. No one would answer the question, including staff.

Mayor indicated that he does not want to break up the code or consider it in separate parts. Mayor asked if it is naïve to believe that they could introduce this at the first meeting in November and then vote the whole thing in November with only one public hearing. That idea did not receive additional support.

Peters suggested maybe voting on this in January. City Manager indicated you could introduce it in October, have two hearings in November and then vote it after the first of the year.

Thomas indicated that he did not want to plan to rush. Skala indicated that we should take advantage of the engagement and finish it up. Thomas asked are you saying October 20 and not a day more? No, but Skala thought we could get it wrapped up.

Infrastructure Task Force has also asked for some additional time. Mayor admitted they needed more time. Additional time was recognized by Council for P&Z to do its job.)

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