Subscription Information

City Watch takes information from more than 75 separate separate, reliable sources and delivers it to you on a daily basis. We track it; we sort it; and we package it all in an easy to navigate user interface designed especially for busy professionals. Information includes:

  • Critical Calendars
  • Politics and Election
  • Key Business Related News
  • Planning Documents
  • Meeting Recaps & Agendas
  • Issue Analysis
  • Original Special Reports
  • Useful Tools

Information is delivered in two ways. First, through a simple email newsletter that gives you topline information on an occasional basis. The second aspect of CityWatch: Columbia is the powerful website that helps you keep important information at your fingertips; delivers ever-changing news and information straight to your desktop or tablet; and hosts a variety of tools and reports that are key to understanding and participating in city government issues.

There are currently three levels of subscription:

  • Individual
  • Multi-User
  • Enterprise (for larger organizations)

And each level has two plans: Standard and Premium.

Each is priced to allow access to you and your key colleagues in an efficient and cost effective manner.

For pricing and plan details contact Mark Farnen at or call 573-424-1782.

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